The Stanford Chinese Music Ensemble (SCME) is Stanford’s official student group committed to playing a variety of traditional Chinese instruments and music. Recently founded in October 2011, the ensemble has already performed at various cultural and musical events, including the Stanford Chinese New Year Gala and the Pan-Asian Music Festival hosted by Stanford University. Conducted by Professor Jindong Cai, SCME strives to promote cultural exchange and awareness about Chinese culture and to expand artistic creativity at Stanford by introducing students and faculty to a unique style of music. Anyone with an interest in learning Chinese instruments and a background in instrumental performance is welcome to join the ensemble.

SCME sessions are taught in conjunction with CHINA 151A: Chinese Music Performance, an introductory lecture course on the history and theory of traditional Chinese music.

Contact Sydney Li (sydli@stanford.edu) or Yifan Wang (yfwang09@stanford.edu) for more details.

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